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DynaTag is the pioneer in the provision of device data Access direct contact details and product-specific information conveniently via QR code.

Product information where you need it:
On products, devices, systems and services

With digital labels or product markings with QR codes, your products and devices are the focus of communication.
This simplifies the handling of products, systems and services in both private and business areas.

The digital business card for companies

The label with QR code for customizable content offers the digital portal to all important product information and contact details

  • Own design of label and web app
  • Special sizes available (standard size 85x54mm)
  • QR code provided by DynaTag
  • Numerous media data (text, images, video, audio, documents, URL links)
  • Additional information: address, contact numbers, email and website

Function overview

DynaTag offers the first and helpful label and marking solution with many attractive functions that will delight your customers, users and employees and make your work in customer service measurably easier and more professional.


Specific product information where it is needed: Can be accessed directly on the product
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Contact details

Contact details facilitate direct access to customer service and the company.
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Automated transmission of device data during contact.
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Exchange of images and text messages via the integrated pin board. No registration required!
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Data storage

Integrated and secure data hosting in Swiss Data centers.
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Additional functions

Helpful functions such as digital forms or secret areas can be activated at any time.
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Clear display on all smartphones, tablets and desktops thanks to WebApp technology (browser-supported)

All content is displayed in a clearly structured manner in the web browser. No app installation necessary.

Products and applications for private use

Our solutions for private use increase personal security, simplify the search for lost objects or pets and facilitate communication with other people.

Make your daily life easier by using our helpful gadgets. You can find the entire product range in our webshop.

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Applications and solutions in the business sector

DynaTag labeling solutions integrate perfectly into the work environment and increase the productivity and visibility of your company. DynaTag offers your customers, users, employees and clients a modern solution to quickly access important information - without having to go through search engines.

Here you will find some selected examples:

Test our applications live

Get to know our DynaTag solutions now. You determine the layout, data and content yourself and they can be updated remotely at any time. The QR code does not have to be physically accessible (e.g. no access to homes or factories necessary).

Scan the QR code with your smartphone or press the button.

Example Facility Management

You only need a smartphone or tablet to read the QR code and open it in the web browser. Everything else is loaded directly from the DynaTag online platform.

Scan the QR code with your smartphone or press the button.

Advantages for customers and users

Easily access product-specific information, documents and contact details using your smartphone.

  • All important product and system information can be accessed at any time.
  • Easy contact with customer service via various channels.
  • Automatic transmission of product data (e.g. type or serial number).
  • No login or registration necessary.
  • No app download necessary. WebApp works practically in the web browser.
  • Customers receive current additional services directly via the QR code.

Advantages for companies

Thanks to the DynaTag online platform, everything is already prepared and ready to use. Get started today.

  • Quick and efficient processing of customer inquiries.
  • Increase in customer loyalty.
  • Direct customer contact without detours via search services.
  • Combine all your marketing strategies directly on the QR code of the product label.
  • You decide on your product information and data yourself.
  • With interesting additional functions you can make it easier to handle your products.
Marcel Beerli - Founder & CEO of DynaTag AG

About us

Our professional team develops and operates the Thync.it and DynaTag platform.

From our own many years of experience in industry, in the service business or in private households, important information or contact details are often missing when you need them (manufacturer's service hotline, device or serial number of the system or type designation of the refrigerator).
When searching on the Internet or calling customer service, the problem has to be laboriously described and the product identification found on the product.

The idea:
With the help of a unique QR code, all relevant information should be accessible using a smartphone. DynaTag was born!
The new platform supports companies and people who want to attach individual data to objects quickly and conveniently.
Our team of software developers, sales and marketing specialists and designers work with great passion on the development and operation of the modern platform..
We would be delighted to count you among our customers, users, partners and employees. As a Swiss company, professionalism and discretion are among our highest standards. That is why we do not display customer logos and company names.

Marcel Beerli
Founder & CEO DynaTag AG

Our services

Everything is prepared! We support you throughout the entire implementation process.


We will advise you personally when selecting the most effective solution. Numerous applications adapt perfectly to your needs and customer wishes.


We support you in the use of DynaTag's and train you and your employees as part of an onboarding process.


We configure your DynaTag QR codes with your desired layout and contact information. The content can be adapted and supplemented at any time.

Personalized label design

We are happy to support you in the selection and production of your label design and material. On request, we can create 3 different labels layout according to your wishes and ideas.

Custom-made products

Your wishes help us move forward. We are happy to receive your suggestions and look for a customer-oriented solution.

Customer service

Our team is happy to help you so that you can always present yourself to your customers in the best possible light.

Kontaktieren Sie uns

Wir helfen Ihnen einfacher und effektiver mit Ihren Kunden zu kommunizieren.

Unsere Berater analysieren Ihre Bedürfnisse und stellen Ihnen ein presönliches Angebot zusammen, damit Sie den besten Nutzen mit den DynaTag's erzielen.


Latest news in our blog

Our blog provides continuous information about new products and current developments. Stay tuned!

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DynaTag wurde 2017 gegründet und ist ein junges Unternehmen mit Sitz in der Schweiz. Die Firma befindet sich zu 100% im Privatbesitz.
Wir haben uns das Ziel gesetzt, den Umgang mit Produkten, Artikel, Dienstleistungen und Anlagen für die Anwender zu vereinfachen, zu beschleunigen und sofort die richtigen aktuellen Information an Ort und Stelle abrufen zu können. Gleichzeitig soll die Kommunikation beschleunigt werden, indem die Produktdaten in Echtzeit zwischen den Komminikationspartnern ausgetauscht werden können.
Der Datenschutz ist uns sehr wichtig, sodass wir uns ausschliesslich auf Produktinformationen beschränken. Personen- oder Kundendaten müssen nicht erfasst werden.
Wir arbeiten im Ausland mit lokalen Partnern zusammen, damit wir unseren Kunden den besten Kundensupport bieten können. Falls auch Sie ein DynaTag Partner werden möchte, können Sie sich über den Kundendienst bei uns melden.